Today's Software Development Challenges

Why are fast and easy templates for use cases, test plans, and other software engineering documents needed now more than ever? Because schedules are shorter and teamwork is more critical.

Today's software products are complex and constantly evolving throughout the entire product cycle. That makes it harder than ever to keep everyone on the same page.

Yesterday's processes have their limits:

  • Costly mistakes occur when developers skip key planning steps or use outdated information.
  • Agile methods reduce overhead, but increase risk by removing process steps that are key to managing larger projects.

The solution is not to abandon time-tested processes and documents. The solution is to make the creation and maintenance of software engineering documents dramatically faster and more effective.

Your Head Start: ReadySET Pro

ReadySET Pro is a set of well thought-out templates for the documents that help keep your team on track.

ReadySET Pro Core Templates
Inception: Project proposals, User needs, Target market identification, Project plans
Elaboration: Requirements specifications, Use cases, Feature specs, Design documents
Construction: Implementation notes, Status reports, Test cases, Review meeting checklists
Transition: Release notes, Installation guide, User guide, FAQ, Product demo script

ReadySET Pro is based on the experience of hundreds of development projects. Each template includes a high-quality outline that asks the right questions, and reusable sample answers that make it easy for developers to express themselves. Built-in checklists help all team members catch mistakes and oversights early.

For example, our use case suite helps you visually recognize missing requirements, and our use case templates include detailed reusable sample use cases for user registration and login. Our test planning template and test templates give you a head start by helping you prioritize quality goals, set test coverage criteria, and quickly write system test cases.

News and Events

  • Oct
    Two new white papers published on writing use cases and test plans
  • Aug
    On-line demo added to Product section
  • May
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  • Mar
    New license packs and pricing fit small teams better

User Quotes

"ReadySET Pro templates saved us countless hours. Now, we do not have to reinvent the wheel and can dedicate our time to projects & tasks that really matter. Thanks!"
—Andrei Kossyrine, MBA
Xpress Software, Inc.

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