Chipping Away Demonstration

ReadySET Pro: Chipping Away      Competition: Blue Text
What toppings would you like on your pizza?
All the vegetables, but no meat and no olives
What would you like to drink?
A large soft drink, with lemon on the side
Pizza Toppings
The pizza shall be topped with the set of all vegetables minus olives. All other parameters shall maintain their default values.
The beverage shall be served in a 16 ounce cup. The contents shall be soft drink with ice. A single slice of lemon shall be served on the side.

In chipping away, the last step is to simply remove the answers that were not selected as the best fit. The section header is still written in the form of a question, so a short answer still makes sense by itself without any of the other text.

In the blue text appoach, the last step is to remove or hide the blue text. This leaves a rather abstractly-worded heading and a response that may seem out of place without the context provided by the blue text.