Chipping Away Demonstration

ReadySET Pro: Chipping Away      Competition: Blue Text
What toppings would you like on your pizza?
Everything. I want a "Supreme" pizza.
Just pepperoni
Hawaiian style: ham and pineapple
All the vegetables, but no meat
Everything except anchovies
I would like pepperoni, sausage, chicken, olives, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, anchovies, MEAT-TOPPING, VEGETABLE-TOPPING, ALTERNATIVE-SAUCE, ALTERNATIVE-CHEESE.
What would you like to drink?
Just water
A large soft drink
A beer, I do not have to drive home
A glass of ICED | HOT tea with lemon on the side, sugar, sugar substitute
Pizza Toppings
Specify the toppings that you would like on your pizza. In general, pizza toppings consist of a choice of sauce, cheese, meats, and vegetables. The sauce and cheese choices have well-known defaults, and need not be specified unless alternatives are desired. You may specify well-known combinations by their common name. Alternatively, you may specify a set of toppings and then explicitly subtract undesired toppings from the set. The crust type is not specified here.
Vegetables... green peppers, mushrooms would be good. What else is good?
Specify your desired beverage. Your choice should take into account the need to comply with state and local regulations regarding driving motor vehicles while under the influence of alcoholic beverages. Indicate ice preference and cup size. If you would like anything on the side, specify that.
16 ounce cup of soft drink with ice. On the side: lemon.

In chipping away, the second step is to select the sample answer that is the closest match to your situation. There may be parts of other answers that also fit.

In the blue text appoach, the second step is to think of your answer and start putting it into writing. This can be time consuming for technical people who are not skilled writers, or for non-native speakers.