project overview

Line-by-line Instructions

What business problem does this project address?
Use 2-4 sentences to describe the problem that your potential users are having right now. Focus on business problems, not technical problems. If you are trying to solve a technical problem, describe the business need that makes that technical problem important enough to solve. Do not say anything about your solution here.
What is the goal of this project?
Write 2-4 sentences or bullets on your main goal for the project. Briefly, name your target audiance and mention key benefits that your customers will gain by using your product.
What is the scope of this project?
Give 2-4 sentences or bullets that summarize what you intend to do as part of this project. A good scope paragraph helps you avoid feature creep later.
Briefly indicate what the team has recently accomplished and what they will do next. Write the details in the status reports, not here.
Customization: If you do not want to use status report documents, you can select some parts of the status report template and paste them here in the "Status" section of the all-in-one template.
Development Documents
These are simply links to all the development documents. Feel free to add more links, or remove links that you are not using.

Advice from other
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