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Use the following to estimate your return on investment in ReadySET Pro

General Information
Number of projects:
Avg. releases: per project
  Cost of developer hour: $ salary + benefits + overhead
Expected defects: per release, without ReadySET Pro
Hours to fix each: management + dev + test + doc
Defect reduction: % due to better plans, requirements, design

Template Usage

Numbers in parentheses are estimated hours saved per project or release. Estimates are based on a survey of ReadySET users.

Estimated Savings
Authorship Savings
Time: hours = person-days
Dollars: $
Quality Savings
Time: hours = person-days
Dollars: $
Total Savings
Time: hours = person-days
Dollars: $

A better start makes a better finish.

Where Do These
Savings Come From?

The key to software development is time. Developer time is very expensive, and poor quality results in lost time. The ReadySET Pro templates save time by providing a much faster way of creating project documents. The templates help improve quality by asking the right questions and providing thought-provoking sample answers. Those savings add up.

The ReadySET Pro templates save your valuable time because we at Method Labs have invested our time in creating them. Several man-years of work have gone into the templates to help you save days, weeks, or months.

Saving more than 10 days of your project schedule does not guarantee that your project will be a success, but it certainly helps.

Note: The default cost per developer hour is based on public information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Your cost may be higher or lower depending on location and industry.